How to get fast and easy money via payday loan

How to get fast and easy money in 5 steps?

The process to obtain money through the Internet is very simple and agile, but it is advisable that we know what steps we must take to avoid finding any unexpected impediment. For this reason, below we explain how to get fast and easy money from your computer or any device with an Internet connection.

  1. Compare offers: the first thing we must do is use a price comparator that values all the offers that are in the market so that we can contrast the characteristics of the available financial products and choose the one that suits us best.
  2. Select the amount and deadline for return: in the online simulator of the lender’s website we can enter the amount and date of reimbursement that most interest us to check how much it will cost.
  3. Fill out the form: we must fill out a small online form with our personal data and attach the documents that are required. It will not take us more than 10 minutes.
  4. Sign the contract: if we agree with the terms and conditions offered by the company, we can sign the contract and seal the agreement. It is important that we read the fine print to check all the commissions and the additional expenses that include us.
  5. Get the money: once the entity receives the signed contract will proceed to make the transfer of money in our account at the time.

In general, the vast majority of entities follow a few steps very similar to these, since their primary objective is to offer their customers an agile and fast service so that they can dispose of the requested money in the shortest time possible.

Keys to expedite the granting of fast loans

These payday loans via lender allow us to get the money in a matter of minutes. Therefore, if we need to transfer credit immediately, it is recommended that we take these keys into account so that the application process is as fast as possible.

  1. Working hours: in most of the web pages of credit companies they put information of their schedule, so we should check it and make the request while they are operational.
  2. Legible and up-to-date documentation: if we send out our expired documents or with errors, the lender will ask us to update our application and we will have to repeat the whole process from the beginning.
  3. Same bank account: if we do not have our account in the same bank as the lender, the money transfer may be delayed until two business days. On the other hand, if we go to a lender whose current account is in the same bank like ours, the process will be more agile and we can obtain the requested money in a matter of approximately 24 hours.

The speed of concession is a very important aspect of the fast loans since many people go to this way of financing because a last-minute economic surprise has arisen.

Where do you offer money loans urgently?

If we need urgent liquidity and we want to know how we can get easy and fast money, the first thing we have to take into account is that there are several entities that can grant us a credit in a few minutes and that each one offers us different products and conditions. Therefore, before requesting financing, it is convenient to know which are the main characteristics of each entity:

  • Traditional banks: they are still the most popular option when applying for loans or credit cards, although the requirements they place to grant quick money credits are more demanding than in private companies.
  • Financial companies with private capital: with the closing of the tap during the economic crisis, many private lenders took advantage of the fact that banks had stopped granting so many loans to get new clients. Currently, they are the ones that offer more flexible and comfortable conditions to get fast money. An example is online mini-credits, which can be obtained from the home computer in a matter of minutes.
  • Non-financial entities: department stores, dealers, telephone companies … These are entities that offer financing facilities for the purchase of their products. If we are thinking of buying some kind of good (a mobile phone, an appliance or a car, for example) we can go to these entities to get paid in installments the product we want to acquire.

Before applying for a quick money loan, we must know our current economic situation and assess whether we can meet the repayment period demanded by the lender. Otherwise, we run the risk of over-indebtedness, which would be very damaging to our personal economy.

What will they ask me in the request for quick and easy money?

Getting immediate and easy money is very simple now thanks to private equity companies that offer quick mini-loans. One of the main advantages of these loans is that their conditions are not very demanding. Next, let’s see what are the minimum requirements to get financing:

  • Reside in Spanish territory: we must show that we are permanent residents in Spain.
  • Be of legal age: to get the money urgently and easily we have to present an identity document that proves that we have the minimum age required.
  • Have sufficient, regular and justifiable income: we must have a payroll or be able to show that we earn income by being self-employed, pensioners, unemployed …

In some cases, they will also require us not to have a pending debt for which we could appear in a file of debtors such as ASNEF, RAI or EXPERIAN. If we have outstanding debts, many private equity companies will not grant us the requested loan.

How to get fast money if I have debts?

By entering a delinquency file as ASNEF, our chances of accessing financing are reduced, although in recent times the number of lenders granting loans with ASNEF has increased. However, to contract one of these financing products we must meet the following requirements:

  • Our debt cannot exceed the amount indicated by the financial institution, which may vary depending on where we go. Usually, they put a limit of 1,000 euros, although we can find cases where it is 500 euros or up to 2,000 euros.
  • The non-payment cannot come from a financial institution: if the unpaid debt comes from a purchase in a commercial establishment we should not find problems to contract a loan with ASNEF. However, in the event that we have contracted the non-payment with a bank or a private lender, we can not access the financing we want.

Many private lenders offer the possibility of granting loans to people who are in a delinquency file as an additional advantage and not as a service for which we will have to pay more money. Therefore, the interest that the financial institution will charge us to obtain a fast credit being in ASNEF will be the same -1.1% daily- than in the rest of financing products that they offer. That is, if we hire a mini-credit from 100 euros to 30 days, we will have to pay 33 euros for the interest accrued.

Why can I get money fast?

If we have a lack of liquidity and any type of economic improvisation has arisen, we can resort to quick loans, with which it will be possible to access urgent money to resolve this specific situation. Today, private lenders launch many quick credits offers that we can get instantly.

This is possible thanks to the automatic verification systems that integrate these products and other systems for the loan. This is the case of Instantor, Kontomatik or Pich, which are based on the authentication of our data automatically. Thus, only with these systems, the company will have access to our bank account and we will not have to send any document of this type.

Private equity companies offer their mini-credits through the Internet, which will be much more convenient and faster for the client. In addition, the response is automatic, since the processing of requests is carried out by technological systems such as those just mentioned, which allow many more requests to be processed in less time.